Bio-Degradable Variety Pack-Nespresso Capsules
Bio-Degradable Variety Pack-Ethiopian Sidamo Nespresso Capsules
Bio-Degradable Variety Pack-Organic Colombian - Nespresso Capsules
Bio-Degradable Variety Pack-Brazil Cerado- Nespresso Capsules

Biodegradable Bundle - Nespresso Compatible Variety Pack (60 Capsules)

AED 66.00 AED 75.00

    Our Biodegradable Nespresso Compatible Variety Bundle Contain 6 sleeves with 3 different flavors like

    • Biodegradable Colombian Organic
    • Biodegradable Ethiopian Sidamo
    • Biodegradable Brazilian Cerrado

     Biodegradable Colombian Organic

    Single Origin 100% Organic Arabica Specialty Sweet notes, panela, lemon, slight chocolate.
    Medium-high citric acidity, light body, clean and delicate residual flavor, pleasant sweet chocolate flavor. Consistent cup in cold, clean cup.

    Biodegradable Ethiopian Sidamo

    Medium to Dark Roast 100% Arabica is known for its floral, berry, and citrus notes. When tasting, expect strong notes of lemon and tart berries as well as cane sugar. Where Sidamo differs from Yirgacheffe is in its pronounced earthiness. The coffee has a medium body and a low acidity and ends with a bright finish.

    Biodegradable Brazilian Cerrado

    Cerrado coffee is generally clean with a good body (creamy mouthfeel), low acidity, well-balanced, and often exhibiting a nutty and even slightly caramelly flavor when light-roasted, perhaps even malty, though more chocolaty.

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