ICS Premix-Chocolate powder(1000g)

ICS Premix-Chocolate powder(1000g)

AED 69.00

    The ICS Premix-Chocolate Powder is an excellent beverage alternative designed especially for use in vending machines, making it a great option for workplaces and institutions. Each 1kg bag's components have been chosen with care to deliver a silky, velvety, and enjoyable chocolate beverage.

    Key traits:

    1. Rich and opulent chocolate flavor: Every sip of this beverage will leave you with a satisfying and soothing taste of rich, opulent chocolate.
    2. Vending Machine Compatibility: The ICS Premix-Chocolate Powder is carefully crafted to function flawlessly with a variety of vending machine models, enabling speedy and simple preparation.
    3. Workplace and Institutional Use: Ideal for workplaces, offices, corporations, and organizations, offering staff members and guests a handy and delectable chocolate drink choice.
    4. Premium Quality Ingredients: This chocolate powder combination is prepared with the best cocoa powder, sugar, and milk solids, producing a dependably wonderful cup each and every time.
    5. Simple Preparation: Just put the premix in the vending machine, push a button, and you'll have a velvety, decadent cup of hot chocolate.
    6. Time-Saving Solution: For busy circumstances, the premix offers an immediate option to baristas or laborious drink preparation procedures.
    7. Bulk packaging: Each bag contains one kilogram of cocoa powder, assuring a consistent supply for longer usage and lowering the frequency of replacements

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