ICS Premix-Milk powder(500g)

ICS Premix-Milk powder(500g)

AED 49.00

    The ICS Premix-Milk Powder is a versatile and necessary beverage solution created for use in vending machines, making it the ideal choice for offices and institutions. Carefully chosen milk solids are included in each 0.5 kg bag, offering a handy and dependable supply of milk for a variety of beverages.

    Key traits:
    1. High-Quality Milk Base: Enhance the flavor and texture of your favorite hot and cold beverages with milk's rich, creamy flavor.
    2. The ICS Premix-Milk Powder is effectively designed to function flawlessly with a variety of vending machine models, providing speedy and effective preparation.
    3. Office and Organizational Use: Great for workplaces, offices, corporations, and organizations, offering visitors and staff a practical and necessary milk choice.
    4. Versatile Use: This milk powder can be used as a basis for a variety of drinks, including lattes, coffee, tea, hot chocolate, and more.
    5. Simple Preparation: Just place the premix in the vending machine and press a button to enjoy a consistent and delectable beverage.

    6. Time-Saving Solution: This premix offers a time-effective solution for busy situations by doing away with the requirement for baristas or complicated milk preparation.
    7. Bulk Packaging: Although each pack contains 0.5kg of milk powder, it guarantees a consistent supply for extended use and lessens the need for frequent replacements.

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