Our current capacity output of roasted coffee is in excess of 5 tons daily, with an equal amount of packaging capacity; we pack bags of 500g and 1 kg, all packaged with the best barrier materials to always guarantee a much longer and fresher shelf
life, further improved by the modified atmosphere.


We avail of state of the art and latest technology lines for producing 5 different types of coffee capsules, suitable for the most common capsules systems currently available in our markets. The entire grinding, filling and packaging line is made in Italy by world leading companies highly specialized in coffee handling and processing, boosting our production output capacity to reach over 400,000
capsules a day.
All capsule types are guaranteed top freshness. The packaging solutions for *Nespresso compatible system or Lavazza Espresso Point compatible system are in flow-pack, or ‘pillow pouch’, packed in a protected atmosphere.
A Modo Mio and Lavazza Blue compatible Dolce Gusto systems are packaged in self-protected capsules made of barrier material and flushed with nitrogen, to guarantee an excellent and much longer preservation of aromas and flavors.
Storage of the coffee is as important as its quality, and requires equal amount of attention. If not carefully managed, all efforts previously made dilute and coffee loses its most important components.