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Coffee Beans

We pay a great amount of attention
to our roasting process.

Our Cuvees


Medium Roast
100% Arabica from Central and South America

A harmonious and balanced cuvee with relative intensity, smooth and velvety.

The Milanese Cuvee has been created to gently pick you up and take you through your day, preferably with silky cappuccinos or normal espresso, or even a macchiato.


Medium – Dark Roast
Balance of Arabicas from Central America and African Robustas

Intense, full body and a dark soul!

This Cuvee is designed for those who like their coffee strong and need a jump start. Napolitan is perfect for ristrettos and regular espressos.


Medium – Dark Roast
Arabicas from South and Central America with hints of Indian and African Robustas

A round and rich Cuvee. Gently aromatic with slight note of pralines and nuts.

This Cuvee is perfect for espressos and longer coffees, made for those who like to take their time and savor the pleasures of life.

Deca Dark

Medium – Dark Roast
Blend of Arabicas from South America and Vietnamese Robustas

Intense and powerful.

This Deca Dark cuvee is designed to give you all the joy and sensations of a real espresso. It emanates full flavors of roasted cocoas, and cereals, thanks to perfectly balanced South American and Vietnamese Arabicas roasted to optimal levels.


Dark Roast
A rich blend from South America and East Africa

Dark roast blend with some of the best beans from South America and east Africa. Firm and intense, with a perfectly crafted body expressing subtle notes of dark chocolate and earth.


Medium Roast
Gentle blend of medium roasted Arabica beans

Light and sincere.

Dekaf is a blend of medium roasted Arabicas, created to express its best notes of perfectly balanced and light acidity, with a long lasting aftertaste of floral scents.

Mood Lungo

Medium Roast
Honest and full flavour beans from South America, Asia and East Africa

Silky meditation coffee, full of richness and brio.

Smooth and pleasant blend, containing some of the best beans from the three continents, meticulously roasted and blended together, in order to express its best characteristics, combining notes of pralines and malts.

Coffee Capsules

All of our capsules are made in a state of the art facility equipped with the latest technology lines for producing four different types of coffee capsules, compatible with the most common capsules systems currently available in our markets.

All our capsules are packaged in a protected environment, with barrier materials and flushed with nitrogen to guarantee an excellent and much longer preservation of aromas and flavors of our coffees.

Capsule Compatibility


Our Nespresso compatible capsules, are among the best and most sophisticated currently available in the market. The extraction of coffee is facilitated by the opening of a membrane in three evenly size holes which allow the flow of water to run inside the capsules easily.

This helps not only to have a superior coffee, but also to ensure the machine don’t overwork with pressure, causing over- extractions, burning the coffee, and finally compromise the machine functionality.

A Modo Mio / Blue System

The capsule is made with a self protecting material, in order to create a strong barrier capable of isolating and maintaining the freshness of coffees and its aromas for a much longer time than regular coffee packaging. It is sealed with aluminum, BOPP and Thermo lacquered.

Espresso Point System

This Lavazza Espresso Point capsule is one of the older systems currently available in the market. However, still one of the best thanks to it’s capacity of coffee content: 7 to 7.5 grams. Very much like a regular espresso.



Immediately after roasting, oxygen begins destroying coffee causing it to lose its flavor. Displacing oxygen with nitrogen “Nitrogen Flushing” during the coffee packaging process preserves the flavor of coffee.

This gives the coffee a much longer shelf life, retaining its distinctive aromas and flavours.

Coffee Beans

Our current capacity output of roasted and packaged coffee beans is in excess of 5 tons daily. Our standard packaging format is of 500 g and 1 kilo bags respectively, all of which use best barrier material and a unique patented “one way valve” to always guarantee a much longer preservation of aromas and flavors, stretching the coffee shelf life. All of this is further improved by the modified atmosphere.