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Within our facility you can do courses to learn more about the universe of coffee. Our Coffee Lab is created to the highest specification and standards. Our certifications are only granted to a selected elite of companies, which comply with a number of strict international requirements and regulations, closely related to latest technology, professional insights and global trends.

Our Training area is geared up to share this knowledge and experience with you; whether you’re a professional or a passionate consumer. Our team of baristas is ready to train your staff to always serve the perfect Mood Espresso experience in every cup.

If you are a coffee lover, come and join us in our universe to learn how to enjoy your Mood Espresso in a totally new way. Learn about taste, harmony & pairing coffee with food, or how to make delicious drinks with this delightful beverage, coffee.

Private Lables

Mood Espresso operates an in-house printing set up, through which can create truly custom made solution for every need. We can accommodate small batches from small coffee shops who wish to differentiate, as well as fulfilling requirements for supermarket chains, always with the highest quality of coffee selection and standards.

For those who requires it, Mood Espresso offers consultancy for the creation of private blends.

The value added model: we will take a detailed brief and through dedicated workshops and brainstorming sessions, our in-house experts will create your unique blend profile. Each profile will have its own distinct character. Hotel chains, supermarkets and airlines can all avail of this service.