ICS Premix-Vanilla Cappuccino 1kg

ICS Premix-Vanilla Cappuccino 1kg

AED 66.00

    The ICS Premix-Vanilla Cappuccino is a perfect beverage choice for workplaces and associations since it is a pleasant and practical beverage solution created specifically for use in vending machines. Both seasoned coffee drinkers and newcomers will enjoy the mouthwatering vanilla flavor of this premium cappuccino mix. A creamy, rich, and aromatic cappuccino experience is produced by the combination of the carefully chosen components found in each 1kg bag.

     Key traits:

    1. Rich Vanilla Flavor: Experience the rich taste of vanilla with each drink, which adds a special touch to the traditional cappuccino.
    2. Vending Machine Compatibility: The ICS Premix-Vanilla Cappuccino has been skillfully designed to work with a variety of vending machine models, providing rapid and easy preparation.
    3. Office and Organizational Use: Perfect for offices, corporations, and organizations, offering workers and guests a practical and pleasurable coffee option.
    4. High Quality Ingredients: To provide a consistently delightful cup, this cappuccino blend combines the highest-quality coffee beans with premium milk solids and a hint of vanilla essence.
    5. Simple Preparation: Simply put the premix in the vending machine, hit a button, and have a delicious meal.
    6. Time-Saving Solution: This premix gives a time-effective solution for busy circumstances by doing away with the requirement for baristas or difficult coffee-making procedures.
    7. Bulk Packaging: Each pack contains 1kg of premixed cappuccino, ensuring an ongoing supply for prolonged usage and lowering the need for frequent replacements.

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