Organic Colombian - Nespresso Compatible Aluminium capsules, 10 Capsules
colombian organic aluminium coffee capsules
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mood espresso colombian organic aluminium capsules compatible with nespresso machines
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lifestyle image of colombian organic coffee capsules compatible with nespresso machines.
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Organic Colombian - Nespresso Compatible Aluminium capsules, 10 Capsules

AED 16.67 AED 23.81

    Colombian Single Origin 100% Arabica Specialty Sweet notes, panela, lemon, slight chocolate.
    Medium High citric acidity, light body, clean and delicate residual flavor, pleasant sweet chocolate flavor. Consistent cup in cold, clean cup.

    • Intensity8
    • Nespresso Compatible Capsules
    • Pack of 10 capsules
    • Reduces your craving for sugary treats and snacks
    • We use Aluminium for Nespresso capsules. It’s able to protect the unique aromas and flavours of our coffees – unlike any other material available today. At the same time it helps us reduce the single use plastic
    • Our motive is to deliver quality products to our customers, we always produce the item with state of art equipment and under controlled environment


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