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Pack of 9 - 90 capsules - Organic Colombian - Nespresso Compatible Aluminium Capsules

AED 138.10 AED 190.48
    Our Nespresso Compatible Aluminium Capsules are the perfect way to enjoy the rich and complex flavors of our Colombian Single Origin 100% Arabica Specialty Coffee. Sourced from the finest Colombian farms, our coffee boasts sweet notes of panela and lemon, with a hint of chocolate.

    Each pack contains 9 sleeves of Nespresso Compatible Aluminium Capsules, for a total of 90 capsules, offering convenience without sacrificing quality. With a medium-high citric acidity, light body, and clean and delicate residual flavor, our coffee provides a truly exquisite experience with a pleasant sweet finish.

    Experience the intensity of our coffee with an intensity level of 8, and savor every sip with the ease of our Nespresso Compatible Aluminium Capsules. Don't miss out on this premium coffee experience - order now and take your coffee game to the next level!

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